lost in the sauce

Sometimes I forget what day it is, what time it is, to call people back, to charge my phone, to eat, to even pee. I know, I should write everything down including that last part. Well I also forgot that Shawn took these pics...how silly of me. My best friend Alex always gets annoyed with me because I always forget to call him back and I lose track of when i've seen him last. I dunno...anyways we were playing a good game of Marco Polo before I spotted him across Broad St. Good thing we were meeting up to eat, otherwise my headache would've gotten worse. That idea of getting a post it note tattooed on my hand doesn't sound like a bad idea.

+++KRMA by Nicholas Bowes tee, UO lace-up lattice boots, sterling wishbone and hummingbird skull+++ 


one step at a time

I certainly have to ease my way into fall because of the mild weather. Brought out the wellies because of the constant monsoon type rain threats, yet the sun still makes a strong appearance. No need for a jacket just yet; light layering is still doing the trick for that whole body warmth thing we'll have to worry about in less than 2 months. This wishbone is remaining my favorite, don't know why...just is.
+++Free People top, Charlotte Russe tank, Levi's jean's, Hunter boots, sterling wishbone, ASOS armor ring, sterling knuckle ring+++


it's 10/04/2010!

A very happy birthday to my momma!

+++ me and my mom when i was 1.5yrs; we both still look the same :) +++


fall inspirations/aspirations

Fall is my favorite time of the year. It's the shortest of the seasons, and it seems to be getting shorter each year. But no matter the length it is always very inspiring to me. Leaves start to turn, the sky is mainly overcast, and the winds are crisp. I can't help but feel humble, joyous, and a sense of calm. Fall is also the time to brush up your wardrobe, tweak your style, and incorporate new things. Doing the shoot in the woods last week was great inspiration. I've also been seeing more films at the Ritz, a tiny movie theater chain in Philly that shows festival and indy films, instead of big blockbusters. Thanks to Val (who writes BleachBlack) I now know about LF, and they have a great way of putting together inspirational looks for the fall. Please check out their Official Lookbook-Fall 2010 and their Earth Spirit-Fall 2010. What is inspiring you this season?

1.moroccan spices
2.the twilight hour
3.red fox
4.deep woods
5.nomadic people


Joy Chasm!

It is very rare for something to really stop me in my tracks, in a "let me worship you" kind of way. As you all know there are exceptions to every rule, especially in the world of fashion.  I don't ever lust after a trend because they always die anyway, but    I do try and go after investment pieces that may fall into trend and never really fall out unless you are personally over it. For this fall I am already over seeing too much fur...jackets, trims, vest...blah. (I guess I feel this way because the temp hasn't gone down far enough to wear said furs.)Yet when I walked into Barney's Co-Op last week I almost lost my mind when I saw this Helmut Lang Chasm jacket! The grey cotton body with the leather sleeves makes it stand out from other shearlings that are a full leather body. The suppleness of the lambskin and the softness of the fur just made me want to melt. This jacket is definitely a staple within a trend. If I had the means to purchase this lovely specimen it would surely be hanging in my closet, waiting for the chill to return.

+++pics from ssense.com+++